Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Peaceful Beach

My family and I recently spent a week in Wells, Maine. The weather was gorgeous and our surroundings were even moreso but I have to admit that my favorite part of our trip was not our daily excursions or the wonderful sight-seeing we did, but one early morning when we all rose and headed to the beach to watch the sun come up. The beach was desserted, with the exception of only a few other early-risers, but it felt as though we were completely alone with only the sounds of the surf and the glorious colors of sunrise to keep us company. I enjoyed every second of our peaceful time together as we strolled along the tide, still in our pj's. It's little moments such as these that you know will always stay with you... simply because they're just too good to forget! 

Monday, July 2, 2012

The Buttrick Clan

Here are my dear, dear friends, Jen and Ben, and their handsome little guys, Dylan (5) and Gavin (12 weeks). We had a great time during their family session last night and I can't wait to post some more photos for them to see :)

Summer Sky

Here's a shot of the GORGEOUS night sky after my family session last night that I had to share. Just another one of the many reasons why I love summer!! :)