Monday, April 25, 2011

Pretty Petals

You've just got to love spring and all the lovely colors and life it brings! My Father-in-law got my daughter this gorgeous orchid for Easter and I couldn't help but go for my camera. The petals are such a vibrant magenta and they go beautifully with the gorgeous green leaves perched at the bottom of its long stem. I love how a little color can brighten up a whole room and that's exactly what this little flower has done in our home :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Eggin'

My family and I love Easter but this year was extra special for us as it was our son's first Easter :) For me, it's the chocolate and family time that I love the most but my newest love of Easter is a tradition that was started 2 years ago where, on Easter Eve night, we get together with my husbands' sister and her family to color Easter Eggs. This is a tradition that my daughter adores as well because she loves anything that allows her to spend time with her cousin. These 2 girls get along so well and amuse each other in ways that no one else can and I love when these 2 are together because it's awesome to see them play so well together and to hear them giggle endlessly. Below are some shots I got of our amazing, super, fantastically fabulous family amongst the craziness that is Vig egg dying :)


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Victoria :: Turning 1!

On such a dark and drizzly day, it was so great to spend time with such a little ray of sunshine. Victoria is a petite little thing that, despite her size, can light up an entire room. She has a very serious way about her and doesn't smile often, according to her mom, but between the two of us we managed to pull some out of her. I loved how she was comfortable with me immediately and how she couldn't wait to share anything that she could get her hands on. The way she would "cackle" on command made me laugh every time and it was so cute to watch her have so much fun with the blocks and beads I had brought along. The only thing as obvious as her beautiful smile was how very much Cheryl loves her. The way she put so much time and care into every detail and her patient, loving nature was apparent in every thing she did. Cheryl, thank you for making me feel so at ease in your home. You and your lovely daughter were such a delight to be around. And, of course, Happy Birthday Victoria! I hope your big day is as sweet as you are :) 

Friday, April 15, 2011

She's Three!

 As hard as it is for me to believe, our daughter recently turned three. I'm not sure who was more excited to have a party, her or myself, but I was thrilled when she made it known that what she wanted was a Tinkerbell themed party. Based on her personality and personal preferences in the past, I figured we'd end up doing a Toy Story, Thomas or Cars theme so when she told us this, I was amped and couldn't wait to put together whatever I could to make her day a special one... and it was. From her Tink dress, colorful cake, and "Pixie" Stix as part of a centerpiece, it was so much fun and she had a wonderful time. Then, to top it all off, our whole family came to celebrate our sweet little angel with us. She was one happy little girl and, I'm happy to say, she loved her Tink Tea Party (almost as much as I loved putting it together for her).

Monday, April 11, 2011

Jose + Lucy

I absolutely loved Lucy! She's such a cool kid and I loved chasing after her and watching her do what she does. These photos were taken to mark her upcoming 2nd birthday and she was such a blast to photograph. She's a typical 2 year-old, climbing, exploring and checking everything out. But their was something special about her that made her such a free-spirit and so enjoyable to be around. She would repeatedly run off, not even noticing that there were even adults in her presence, to use her imagination and amuse herself. Whether with marching, waving around weeds, or chasing leaves, she didn't stop and I did my best to keep up. Jose was very attentive and did a great job at sitting back and letting her do her thing, but grabbing her and bringing her back to where she needed to be when she had pushed the limits too far. I had such a great time with this pair. I hope you have a wonderful birthday, Sweet Little Lucy! And thank you for allowing me the chance to meet you both, Jose :)


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Good Friends, Great Day

I met Aaron ("Q") through my husband when we were dating. They had become good friends who met in college and whose friendship lasted long after graduation. I remember Q coming to our very first New Years' Party where he pulled me aside to inform me that he had, "met a really cool girl. I can't wait for you to meet her." And when I did, I loved her immediately. It was obvious from the very beginning that these 2 were perfect for one another and its been awesome having them be a part of so many special times for us (wedding, children, holidays) but even better to watch them become the fabulous couple they are today!!

I was merely a guest at their wedding but below are a few shots that I was able to get while also visiting and celebrating the union of our wonderful friends. The ceremony took place in Newburyport, MA (such a fun town!) and they wrapped up the day with a reception at the fantastic Union Bluff Hotel, overlooking York Beach in Maine. The whole day from start to finish, down to every last detail, was simply perfect and I'm happy to say that our friends are officially husband and wife!! Congrats you guys! We love you :)