Thursday, August 25, 2011

Our Rainy Day Routine

On rainy days, we tend to have a routine: games, crafts, books, movies, and (my kids' favorite) bake chocolate chip cookies. We've had this routine for many months and it's one I've come to love. My daughter and I typically wait until my son goes down for his nap and we get right to work. First, we put some music on so we can sing while we gather all of the ingredients needed to make the very best cookies possible, then she puts on her apron and sits on the counter waiting (im)patiently for what comes next. I measure everything out and she dumps it all into a large mixing bowl, all the while asking me if she can "lick the spoon yet." We mix, scoop, then plant ourselves in front of the oven window to watch them rise during the longest 9 minutes shes ever had to wait. And when that timer goes off, I put 2 very warm cookies on a plate, pour 2 cups of cold milk and we sit on the couch, talking about what a great job we did and how happy Daddy will be when he gets to enjoy a cookie after work :)

She's my very best little helper and I love this time we spend together. Below are some shots of our chocolate chip cookie baking process and the mess that inevitably follows. As a mom, I really hope that these are times that will always stay with her, because I know that they'll always stick with me :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Jon & Amy :: Southern NH Wedding Photography :: Jaffrey, NH

I am so pleased to say that below are photos from Jon & Amy's Wedding! It was a glorious day... not just because the weather was nothing short of perfect, but also because it was the day Jon and Amy became Mr. & Mrs.! I've been excited for their big day for a while, and I was even more thrilled that I was able to bring along a brand new camera, 2 new lenses and a very handsome 2nd shooter.... my husband (and it was so wonderful having him there with me)!

I had the privilege of first working with Jon & Amy when they approached me about a maternity session. We had such a great time, but after much sorrow, these two persevered and decided to focus on their love rather than loss. And it was shortly after that they approached me about their wedding. Not having ever photographed a wedding, I was hesitant to accept but their support and encouragement made it impossible for me to say no.

Weeks later we met for their engagement session, which was also a first for me. During this session it became apparent to me, even more than before, that these two were made for each other and it was fun to watch the excitement build in them as the day got closer. The ceremony and reception took place in Jons family's backyard and was a beautiful, laid-back BBQ with 90 of their closest freinds and family. They both were glowing the entire day and it was a complete honor to be able to be a part of it all from start to finish.

I absolutely adore these two, both as a pair and as individuals, and always enjoy myself when I'm with them. Over these last 5 months I feel as though I've gotten to know Jon & Amy and I find myself celebrating right along with them. And now having seen them go through highs and lows, and having received so much love and support from them with my photography, I've come to look at them as friends rather than clients. They make a beautiful family with their 3 handsome boys and I have no doubt that there's nothing they can't face together. I wish you both all the love and happiness in the world (even though you seem to already have it) and will never be able to truly express to you just how dear you both are to me. You will always have a special place in my heart and I look forward to watching you and your beautiful family grow in the years to come <3

Her seeing him for the first time...                              ...him seeing her for the first time.

This was awesome! The Sand Ceremony with the three boys (love them!)

What better way to end a fabulous day then with fireworks!!