Sunday, May 29, 2011

Three Sweet Boys

Three young boys (all under the age of four) + 2 very patient, loving parents = 1 sweet family! And I loved them!! These boys stole my heart from the moment I arrived at their lovely home and I enjoyed watching them run, play, and do all those things that little boys do. Mom and Dad were so laid back and it was great to see how they let their sweet Cole and Mason do what they do. But it was Baby Owen that blew me away! Every time I got near him and simply said, "Boo," he would give me the biggest smile, and even a chuckle, and my heart would just melt. It was too adorable for words! Kim-ly and Scott, I'm so grateful to you for allowing me into your home to meet your beautiful family. I truly enjoyed my time with you all!! :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Precious Peanuts

Both of our kids recently had birthdays and normally I'd take them to get their annual pictures done (as they don't sit or smile for me the way they do for others... very frustrating). However, I learned that the woman that I usually go to who can work miracles with my kids, my beloved Angela, had left the company. After getting this disturbing news, I was left scratching my head. It does seem absurd that I can go into peoples' homes and take photos for complete strangers, but somehow I have very little luck getting my own 2 children to even look at my camera. I do take some comfort in knowing that other photographers share in this problem but, in light of the recent loss of Angela, I decided that the time had come and I would have to take on the challenge of taking my own photos.

After gathering a few props, we visited a spot near our home where we like to visit sometimes and, to my very pleasant surprise, they both did relatively well! My daughter did her usual running and my son did his (expected) avoid-the-camera bit, but I managed to get a few shots of both that I was pleased with. Despite my reluctancy, the experience went rather well and I'm happy to say that I now have photos to hang on my wall until this time next year... when we'll have to do it over again ;) So it is with pleasure that I can say that these are some shots that was able to get of my beautiful baby girl (3) and my little man (1). And I love them both more than words could say!! <3

This pretty much sums up the way my son feels about his Teddy. My sister gave it to him as a Baptism gift and he won't sleep without it :)
This photo says it all about my daughter: independent, curious, fearless, and always on the move!

She LOVES to dress up, but her very favorite accessory is her mardi gras beads. She wears them everywhere :)

My sweet, sweet babies. They melt my heart!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Amy & Jon :: Engaged!

I'm proud to say that I had the pleasure of doing a maternity session for this pair back in January and because I just LOVE these two, I was more than honored when they approached me about doing their wedding this summer. Not only do they make the most beautiful couple, but they're a blast to be around and I have so much fun when I'm with them. They're so crazy in love that it shone through even on the wet and cloudy morning that we met at the lovely Cathedral of the Pines to take these photos. They have so much fun together and so does anyone who's with them. Amy & Jon, I think you both are wonderful people and I'm soooo looking forward to your BIG DAY!!! :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Jax :: 7 Weeks

Seven weeks ago, my dear friend and her family added this adorable little guy to their clan.  Jackson is a wonderful addition to this family that was made up, primarily, of girls. I've been excited to meet him long before he was even born, and was honored when I got to do a family session with them while Sarah was 3 months pregnant with him. He's just so precious and his chubby little cheeks make me smile. His sisters adore him and he's such a lucky little man to be a part of such a fabulous family.

History has taught me that it's almost impossible for me to take photos when my children are with me. I love them dearly but they're a huge distraction for me and I find that I'm so wrapped up in where they are and what they're up to that I'm not as focused and I don't always get the shots I want to get. Sarah, being my laid-back and understanding friend, insisted we have a playdate and I could just take a few pictures during our time together... and that is exactly what happened. So, Sarah, I thank you for your patience and want you to know that I love you and your family so much and am grateful that you let me take these photos of your Sweet Jax :)